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  • preprint  LDKP: A Dataset for Identifying Keyphrases from Long Scientific Documents
    D. Mahata, N. Agarwal, D. Gautam, A. Kumar, S. Parekh, Y. Singla, A.Acharya, R. Shah
  • preprint  Neural Distributed Source Coding
    J. Whang, A Acharya, H. Kim, A. Dimakis


  • conference  Faster Non-Convex Federated Learning via Global and Local Momentum
    R. Das, A Acharya, A. Hashemi, S. Sanghavi, I. Dhillon, U. Topcu
    The Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), 2022.

  • conference  Robust Training in High Dimensions via Block Coordinate Geometric Median Descent.
    A Acharya, A. Hashemi, S. Sanghavi, P. Jain, I. Dhillon, U. Topcu
    Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), 2022.
    Paper; Code; Poster; Slides;
    An initial version of the work has been presented at:
    workshop  Joint IFML/CCSI Symposium (Simons Institute - UC Berkley)
    workshop  NSF-TRIPODS Workshop on Communication Efficient Distributed Optimization (NSF-CEDO) (Virtual)


  • journal  On the Benefits of Multiple Gossip Steps in Communication-Constrained Decentralized Optimization
    A. Hashemi, A Acharya, R. Das, H. Vikalo, S. Sanghavi, I. Dhillon
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), 2021
    Paper; Code
  • conference  GupShup: An Annotated Corpus for Abstractive Summarization of Open-Domain Code-Switched Conversations
    L. Mehnaz, D. Mahata, R. Gosangi, U. Gunturi, R. Jain, G. Gupta, A. Kumar, I. Lee, A Acharya, R. Shah;
    Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), 2021
    Paper; Code
  • conference  Alexa Conversations: An Extensible Data-driven Approach for Building Task-oriented Dialogue Systems
    A. Acharya, S. Adhikari, S. Agarwal, V. Auvray, N. Belgamwar, A. Biswas, S. Chandra, T. Chung, M. Zarandi, R. Gabriel, S. Gao, R. Goel, D. Hakkani-Tur, J. Jezabek, A. Jha, J. Kao, P. Krishnan, P. Ku, A. Goyal, C. Lin, Q. Liu, A. Mandal, A. Metallinou, V. Naik, Y. Pan, S. Paul, V. Perera, A. Sethi, M. Shen, N. Strom and E. Wang;
    North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2021
    Paper; Code; Dialog Manager.
    Launch : ReMars - VentureBeat ; Alexa Live.
    Media : Alexa Blog ; Alexa Skill ; Forbes ; CNN


  • patent  Natural Language Processing (On Device NLP via Embedding Compression)
    A Acharya, A. Metallinou, R. Goel, I. Dhillon (Amazon Technologies Inc)
    United States Patent-10872601B1


  • conference  Online Embedding Compression for Text Classification using Low Rank Matrix Factorization
    A. Acharya, R. Goel, A. Metallinou, I. Dhillon.
    AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 2019
    Paper; Code
    Media: Alexa Blog ; Packt


  • journal  Extending the concept of analog Butterworth filter for fractional order systems
    A Acharya, S Das, I Pan, S Das.
    Signal Processing (Elsevier), 2014
  • journal  Simulation studies on the design of optimum PID controllers to suppress chaotic oscillations in a family of Lorenz-like multi-wing attractors
    S Das, A Acharya, I Pan.
    Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (Elsevier), 2014
  • conference  Stability analysis of delayed system using Bode integral
    A Acharya, D Mitra, K Halder.
    IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics, 2013
  • conference  Optimum PID control of multi-wing attractors in a family of Lorenz-like chaotic systems
    A Acharya, S Das, I Pan.
    IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, 2012
  • conference  Optimized quality factor of fractional order analog filters with band-pass and band-stop characteristics
    A Pakhira, S Das, A Acharya, I Pan, S Saha.
    IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, 2012
  • conference  Identification of Nonlinear Systems From the Knowledge Around Different Operating Conditions: A Feed-Forward Multi-Layer ANN Based Approach
    S Saha, S Das, A Acharya, A Kumar, S Mukherjee, I Pan, A Gupta.
    IEEE Conference on Parallel Distributed and Grid Computing, 2012
  • conference  Least square and Instrumental Variable system identification of ac servo position control system with fractional Gaussian noise
    S Das, A Kumar, I Pan, A Acharya, S Das, A Gupta.
    IEEE International Conference on Energy, Automation and Signal,2011

Non Peer Reviewed Notes

  • scribe  Fourier RIP
    E. Price, A. Acharya, R. Das
    UT Austin Link
  • scribe  Sparse Recovery
    E. Price, A. Acharya, R. Das
    UT Austin Link
  • report  On image segmentation using fractional gradients-learning model parameters using approximate marginal inference
    A Acharya, U Mukherjee, C Fowlkes
  • report  Are We Ready for Driver-less Vehicles? Security vs. Privacy-A Social Perspective
    A Acharya
  • report  A Complete Review of Controlling the FDR in a Multiple Comparison Problem Framework – The Benjamini-Hochberg Algorithm
    A Acharya
  • report  Template Matching based Object Detection Using HOG Feature Pyramid
    A Acharya