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  1. Extending the concept of analog Butterworth filter for fractional order systems
    A Acharya, S Das, I Pan, S Das. Signal Processing, 2014 , impact factor: 4.086 View Online
  2. Simulation studies on the design of optimum PID controllers to suppress chaotic oscillations in a family of Lorenz-like multi-wing attractors
    S Das, A Acharya, I Pan. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 2014 impact factor: 1.643 View Online


  1. Online Embedding Compression for Text Classification using Low Rank Matrix Factorization
    Anish Acharya, Rahul Goel, Angeliki Metallinou, Inderjit Dhillon, AAAI, 2019 , Acceptance Rate, 16.2% (1150/7095) View Online
  2. Least square and Instrumental Variable system identification of ac servo position control system with fractional Gaussian noise
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  3. Stability analysis of delayed system using Bode integral
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  4. Identification of Nonlinear Systems From the Knowledge Around Different Operating Conditions: A Feed-Forward Multi-Layer ANN Based Approach
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  6. Optimum PID control of multi-wing attractors in a family of Lorenz-like chaotic systems
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  1. On image segmentation using fractional gradients-learning model parameters using approximate marginal inference
    A Acharya, U Mukherjee, C Fowlkes. arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.02240, 2016
  2. Template Matching based Object Detection Using HOG Feature Pyramid
    A Anish , Computing Research Recository 22 (6), 2014
  3. A Complete Review of Controlling the FDR in a Multiple Comparison Problem Framework – The Benjamini-Hochberg Algorithm Acharya A, arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.7117, 2014
  4. Are We Ready for Driver-less Vehicles? Security vs. Privacy-A Social Perspective Acharya A, arXiv preprint arXiv:1412.5207, 2014

Fun Fact:
My current Erdős number (according to AMS/MathSciNet) is 5 and I am at depth 7 from Albert Einstein
-> = co-authored with
a) Anish Acharya -> Inderjit S. Dhillon -> James Weldon Demmel -> John Russell Gilbert -> Roger C. Entringer -> Paul Erdős
b) Anish Acharya -> Saptarshi Das -> Suman Saha -> Sankar Kumar Pal -> R. Laurence Johnston -> T. E. Hull -> Leopold Infeld -> Albert Einstein